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Updated 5/2018


The award is a silver colored pin-on badge small silver pin with the Sea Scout emblem (the Boy Scout universal badge over an anchor), superimposed on a trident and surrounded by a laurel wreath. The silver trident within a circle of blue olive leaves is the ancient symbol of Neptune's leadership over his dominions of the sea combined within a circle of friendship.  The three prongs of the trident are symbolic of the three purposes of the BSA— citizenship, character and fitness development.  The trident also symbolizes that the Seabadge recipient is a spearhead of Sea Scouting in attaining the program objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.


The course was developed in 1970 by a group of Sea Scout leaders in California. Since that time, the course has been revised several times.


Seabadge is offered by the four BSA Regions in two or three locations each year. It is delivered as a weekend course to those Sea Scout leaders who have completed basic training for Sea Scout leaders. The focus on the course is leadership and management for Sea Scout leaders. It is not meant to be a course in seamanship— this is covered by the basic leader training courses and seamanship courses offered by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and United States Power Squadron.

The Seabadge pin is awarded only after the participant had completed a set of goals called a 'Rutter’ loosely similar to the 'ticket' in Wood Badge. In Nautical terms it means a Guide of navigation

Download the form SEABADGE SB-38-DE-2018