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Longstreth-Carey Adult Leadership Award (NEW) 2014

SEABADGE 20-MD Application

Northeast Region / National Forms

Currently the Northeast Region web site is under development and we thank you for your patience!

Very shortly we will be posting the TELEGRAPH page with a few surprises and shortly after our Training page.

Please come back often!

We have posted our Provisional Long Cruise program with the ships involved.

This will provide an opportunity for Sea scouts with no ship or Long cruise events to attend and advance in rank

Please reach out and make contact and achieve your goal

Flotilla Download forms

NYGARD REGATTA Boarding Manual

Camp Nautical Boarding Manual

Regional Provisional Long Cruise:


Sea Dart II

Ship 584 Dragon

2014 New London Rendezvous Boarding Manual

2014 Sea Scout “GAM” Sponcered by Ship 6